Chloé Inès Berrady / Oklo Ride

01.10.2021 – 13.10.2021

Chloé Inès Berrady - Oklo Ride - 01
Chloé Inès Berrady - Oklo Ride - 03
Chloé Inès Berrady - Oklo Ride - 04
Chloé Inès Berrady - Oklo Ride - 05
Chloé Inès Berrady - Oklo Ride - 12
Chloé Inès Berrady - Oklo Ride - 15
Chloé Inès Berrady - Oklo Ride - 18

© Jean-Christophe Lett

Loë Zang is pleased to present Oklo Ride a solo exhibition of recent sculptures, woven works and paintings by Chloé Inès Berrady.

Berrady’s woven works appear like 3D paintings that arose out of fabric remnants. The motifs – a car, a house, a palm tree and the ocean – echo the visual vocabulary of a southern city landscape. The arrangement of tuned cars, which outdo each other in adornment, evoke the run-up of a gang. Berrady draws directly from urban culture while diverting its realities and surroundings.

In her work she explores notions of identity as well as concepts of mixing and tuning by creating works that are located between different cultures, techniques, and ways of life. Berrady’s French-Moroccan heritage and growing up in these contrasting cultures form the basis of her work.

Re-using a variety of found materials and fabrics, that the artist dyes with natural substances like red cabbage or seaweed, her work aims to retranscribe the contemporary world and urban space we live in while questioning current socio-ecological issues.

Berrady (born 1996 in Toulouse, France) studied fine arts at École européenne supérieure d’art de Bretagne. She lives and works in Marseille, France. Oklo Ride is Berrady’s first solo presentation.